Dave Froude

Most of my life I have drawn and painted in some form or another, mostly as a hobby but this changed gradually for me and I focused on a career as a technical illustrator for many years for various companies and in a freelance capacity producing computer based illustrations and multimedia presentations from print to web design to 3d computer animation.

After high school I went to work far from the art field but continued to draw and took some courses at the Dundas Valley School of art over the years, and it wasn't until a friend of mine saw my work and suggested I apply to art college that she was attending as my work was on par with some of her classmates, later that year I applied and to my surprise I was accepted.

During those 5 years I spent learning the finer details of drawing and painting, but choose technical illustration as my major, I studied under some amazing artists, such as Eric Britton, Stan Hughes and Bobbi Wagner.

Even with my focus being technical illustration I still managed to attend open life drawing classes. After many years of computer based art and design I got tired of the cold sterile environment and longed for something else.

After a long absence from painting, I thought to myself why aren't you doing anything?" Then on November 2nd 2008, I was entering my home and saw the pumpkin we had bought for Halloween on the front porch, and something switched on. I needed to paint, and so it started.....I spent the next few day locked in my workspace with the still- life set up. I painted until it was done. The passion was back and it is slowly taking over all aspects of my life.

Since that day I have been painting almost everyday and now I have joined a daily painting blog site, which forces me to paint, which is a challenge but I love every minute of it.

Contact: dfroude@davefroude.com
Artists site: http://www.davefroude.com/