Dorothy Knight

Visionary. Creator. Storyteller.

Dorothy always painted for personal pleasure and began showing her art to the public during the last two years when a former co-worker discovered her talent and suggested she display her art at a charity event at her workplace. "I was excited as much as I was nervous to put my art out there, as I had never shared it with the public before." Much to her surprise, she sold all of her paintings within the first hour and people began hiring her for private commissions. Today, her work can be found in local galleries and art shows.

As an art aficionado, Dorothy is a passionate mixed medium artist. She discovered painting as an amazing means to managing stress which also served as an outlet to exploring her artistic expression. Having never studied art in her life, Dorothy's painting technique is self-taught and her focus is in landscape and abstract imagery.

What Dorothy loves most about the creative process of painting:

"When I'm staring at a blank canvas, I don't know what the end result is going to look like. I pick up the paintbrush and paint what I'm feeling. Sometimes everyday life can feel very black and white which is why I love using bold and vibrant colours. But the best part of the process is sharing my art and hearing how it makes my audience feel. Everyone can see or feel something different in one painting alone."

Dorothy wears several creative hats and as a multi-media specialist, her curious nature and dedication to sharing the stories of the people in her community is displayed through her work behind the camera. Dorothy is also known for appearing on camera, as a media personality and as a host on Rogers TV.

Dorothy is a graduate of the Journalism New Media program at Sheridan College. She was recently nominated for the Mississauga Arts Council MARTY Award in the "Emerging Media Arts" category.

On the rare occasion that Dorothy is not working on a project, she is likely to be looking for new inspiration while traveling. When staying local, Dorothy also loves to experiment with recipes in the kitchen, seeks balance by practicing yoga and stays grounded by giving back to the community.