Frances Lindblad

Frances has always had artistic inclinations but for many years only practiced them on a hobby level. In 1986 she started to experiment with water colours by rendering from photos which she found in her favourite magazine. She occasionally attempts paintings from the views around her.

In 1991 she had a car accident which changed the course of her life. Quitting her Housekeeping job at a local resort, she enrolled at the local high school as an Adult Student to acquire her High School Diploma. While attending this school, she painted two murals for the school. One for the Art & Technology Dept. and another for the History Dept. Upon OAC graduation she received two awards, Artist of the Year and one for Carpentry. Her Art teacher encouraged her to apply to post secondary institutions and in the Fall of 1994 she began classes at the Ontario College of Art for four years.

Though painting got her accepted to OCA, she changed her direction and studied Material Arts & Design, majoring in jewellery design and fabrication. She graduated in 1999 as an Associate of Ontario College of Art & Design.

Frances considers herself a "multi-discipline" artist because of her varied interests. Digital photography has helped to provide images for her to consider painting, instead of referencing from magazines. Becoming associated with ALFEW will enable her to practice painting again with renewed interest.

Currently she is learning lapidary. Being a rockhound, she is cutting and polishing the minerals she finds in Mississauga and will be designing jewellery for them to be set in.