Marlene Leighton

Originally from Nova Scotia, Marlene Leighton, a long time resident of Mississauga began to investigate her talent in 1999. Influenced by Claude and Turner's work, her unique style with acrylic produces a technique and style of her own. The depth achieved in her paintings gives a three dimensional, realistic depiction of her vision. In marine and landscapes the moving water and vibrant colours leave you imagining you are in reality. Her artwork embraces historical subjects, marine and landscapes with the natural effects of clouds, sky, water and sun as they are transformed by the elements.

For Marlene the Canadian landscape's breathtaking beauty is her motivation - a gushing river, an old light house, statuesque mountains and lush valleys, it is all captured in naturalistic and detailed brush strokes. Homes, rocks, stones, trees and flowers come alive in Marlene's landscapes. Her venture into abstract art has proven to be rewarding and captivating to many as she delves into the vibrant colours and movements of her brush.

Her artwork has shown in such places as The Beaux Art, Peel Heritage Complex, Caledon Town Hall, The Port Credit Art Walk and The Rape Crisis Annual Gala.