Nisreen Askar

I believe that "art is love and giving!"

I was was born in Syria. I discovered my love for the arts at an early age and was influenced by my father (also an artist), who made me aware of the beauty of art and what it presents us. I was also influenced by my surroundings which included fragrances of roses, flowers, and jasmine in our small garden in our old house.

I studied art and graphic design at the academy of fine arts centre in Aleppo Syria, as well as many additional art courses. There I was an artist/teacher.

After immigrating to Canada in 2006, I was fascinated by Canada's great natural landscapes and sceneries. All of these wonderful sights excite my inspiration and artistry. I love the colors of Autumn - my favorite season - that season lends great happiness to me and to my art.

I live in Mississauga, a lovely city and I love her great history. Her houses, the lighthouse ... all of these things excite and inspire me.

Once established in Canada, I continued my education and I took many art courses. I graduated from ICS Canada with an arts diploma, Certificate Fine Arts, Sheridan College Oakville.

I like to experiment with different styles and techniques that allow me to express myself. Throughout my years of experience I have participated in various local cultural exhibitions and events.

Art and creativity have always been a significant part of my life and I consider art as my passion upon which depend my happiness and my existence. Furthermore, art allows me to express myself in many ways and express my feelings simply through colours on a piece of canvas. I am also fascinated of natural colours and I love to create spiritual images varying from deep mystical reflections to sensual expression of myself. Simply, art to me is an expression of energy, freedom, spirituality, peace, beauty and love for life. Lastly, my unlimited goals are to involve an audience and allow them to share my passion, my feelings and emotions.

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