Seth Mukamal

Seth was fortunate to have been born in New York City and to parents who ensured that he and his brother were exposed to all the city had to offer whether it was an obscure ethnic neighbourhood, or the galleries of the Metropolitan Museum.

Seth got his first camera at the age of eight. He still has the camera and the prints from his first roll of film. His favourite is a 1964 portrait of his father and brother in Battery Park.

Seth's parents also had interesting friends including noted American painter Philip Reisman. "Uncle Philip" painted New York City for 60 years. His focus on ordinary people with their struggles and their dignity had a strong influence on Seth.

Seth dedicates the photos in this show to his Uncle Philip.

Seth is also an actor who has performed a wide variety of roles in the world of Gilbert & Sullivan, Broadway, and operetta. He is presently in rehearsal for his upcoming role of Alfred P. Doolittle in the upcoming Alexander Singers production of "My Fair Lady". (For information and TICKETS see