ALFEW stands for Artists Looking For Empty Walls and is a cooperative art group, based in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, coordinated by Louise Peacock.

The nature of ALFEW is that it is dynamic and is always on the look out for opportunities to hang. We may not hang at any one place for long, but we do seek to hang.

We encourage all styles of art—as long as it is ready to hang. Most of the spaces we get do not have the proper facilities for free standing pieces.

Don't forget: if you are interested in becoming involved with ALFEW, please email Louise


In 1996, a local coffee shop asked Louise Peacock to find artists to display work on its walls. She put out a "call for Artists", and as a result, a motley collection of artists became acquainted.

[getting to know you]

Unfortunately, one day the coffee shop owners decided they no longer wanted the art on display, and gave the artists 24 hours to remove the art. When the coffee shop walls became inaccessible, the artists had no idea where to display their work and were unhappy. They milled around outside the coffee shop, artwork in hand and discussed the problem.

[looking for empty walls]

They concluded that they wished to unite as a group, and seek hanging space jointly. They asked Louise to continue to coordinate the effort. She agreed, and dubbed the group ALFEW (Artists Looking For Empy Walls).


The first members of ALFEW were Mary Armstrong, Bill Band, Margaret Clark, Sarosh Chesson, and Louise Peacock, the ALFEW Founder. Since Louise was a member of Neilson Park Creative Centre, she proceeded to arrange for the art to hang in the NPCC hallway. This became the first of four NPCC Hall exhibitions for ALFEW.

[a gallery]

In 2001, the group was invited to hang at The Praxis Gallery on Bloor Street, in The Kingsway area. Only Sarosh and Louise had available artwork for that show.

Members came and went and shows proceeded when members wanted to do them and space could be found.

In 2004 ALFEW held a one month show at Gate 403 on Roncesvalles Ave. with the late Phillip di Gregorio, Feven Tewolde and Louise Peacock, a show which garnered a lot of interest.

In 2005, the group was invited to have three month show at Audio Number Nine in downtown Toronto. Audio Number Nine has some really beautiful hanging space and welcomes local artists to display their work. Only two ALFEW members were available - Marie Beamish and Louise Peacock. So they shared that space, presenting a colourful and varied collection of their works. The Audio Number Nine people loved the show and asked that it be extended for a further three months.

In 2006, Louise got once again busy with other aspects of her life and did nothing with ALFEW until Spring of 2009 when the Mississauga Arts Council kindly offered some wall space which they managed at The Novatel, at Highway 10 and Burnhamthorpe, in Mississauga, [winking lady] and since there were no other takers, Louise was pleased to accept for ALFEW.

While the hotel was an interesting venue and might have been useful it was decided that there was not enough foot traffic and thus few opportunities for sales. While appreciative of the opportunity, Louise decided that a different venue was needed and in November 2009, returned the art space at the hotel to the auspices of the Mississauga Arts Council.

In June 2010, Louise organized a new show at the historic Grange House in Mississauga.

[The Grange]

This show ran from the beginning of June until the end of July.

Subsequently, a happy collaboration sprang up between ALFEW and The Grange, whereby the folk at the Grange suggested that ALFEW artists could hang their work, on a rotating basis, in the downstairs meeting room.

Naturally, Louise was delighted and will be taking full advantage of this generous offer. ALFEW is on their second show in The Grange meeting room space, and is looking forward to more shows featuring different artists in Spring 1011.